At Tour 18, we strive to create an unforgettable golfing experience for all of our guests. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice player, you’ll find something to love on our course.

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Doug Wortman | Director of Golf

Doug Wortman | Director of Golf | 817-430-2000 ext. 5

My Passion
Many years ago, I fell in love with the game of golf and all the intricacies that are associated with the journey to play at my full potential. That quickly turned into the desire to pass along all the twists and turns, highs and lows, and ultimately the satisfaction of obtaining goals and gains of the most humbling sport I have ever played.

My Background
In my youth, all my days consisted of going to a practice for some kind of sport. I was a foursport letterman over the course of my high school career and even played the tuba in the band. After my senior year, I chose the football scholarship over the band scholarship and played one year before switching to track and field for my sophomore season. After college, I needed to find something to consume my ultra-competitive nature and golf was the answer. With some natural abilities I was decent without any knowledge or thoughts in my head. This game started to become quite intriguing, so I decided to acquire more information on the mechanics of the motion. This intrigue was satisfied with magazines and whatever I could find in print at the time. It didn’t take long for all this information to be too much and add confusion and chaos from brain to body. I went from being able to score in the low 80s to shooting a 112, the last straw. I needed help! I started to take instruction from the Head Professional at the club that I had joined, and I realized there were many steps that I had missed or skipped in my journey. I was amazed at how difficult I had made the process of the swing become with all the information stuck in my head. My instructor was able to ask a few questions, see a few swings and come up with a game plan for my ascension. He found my biggest weakness, which led to many other issues within the swing, and found the perfect drill for me. I did this drill non-stop for a month before moving on and six months later, granted with many hours of practice, I broke par for the first time in my life and was hooked for life.

Knowledge can be irreplaceable but really can not stand alone in the game of golf. Understanding the application of this knowledge is a major cog in the wheel, and what I was truly missing in my journey. With the success I saw in my own game, it led me to try and understand the geometry and physics that came with all of this biomechanical motion of the body and instrument. I spent hundreds of hours recording all the tournaments on tv so that I could replay all these professional swings in slow motion. I learned that there just isn’t one way to swing the club but efficiency and repeatability are the keys. Now after instructing hundreds of students, thus personalities, there isn’t one way to instruct either. Each individual has a multitude of different factors from physical, mental and just outside influences that affect the way or how fast we can learn and improve. These are the things that make each person who they are, and that is what I love and do best.

My Philosophy
I have gone through, as an adult, the metamorphosis from high handicap to a plus handicap. I understand the limitations we all have and work to find the most repeatable swing for each student. Knowing what we are trying to do is the only way to get our brain to control the body properly. Perceptions and realities is were I start. These two things are the basis of my instruction and must intersect for the student to maximize their potential. These two things are the number one cause of not reaching one’s potential. They can encompass every single aspect of the game and the biomechanics that make it happen. If I don’t help to make you better, I take it personal. I don’t watch the time when instructing and most of my students end up telling me that time is up or they have to go. I am passionate about sharing, teaching, and joining you in your journey as well!!


Individual Instruction
1 Hour – $100 (5) 1 Hour – $350

Tandem (2 students) Instruction
1 Hour – $150 (5) 1 Hour – $500

Junior Instruction
We hold various camps throughout the year for all levels.

Competitive Instruction
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