Program Information

Tour 18 Dallas, TX

Preferred Customer Card – Single Member $139.00 + Tax per month

                                               Additional Member $100.00+ Tax per month


2 complimentary rounds per month (rounds do not rollover)

Unlimited Use of the practice facility

10% off all merchandise in Pro Shop

                        Discount Rates for guests/cardholder $45 wkday/$65 wkend

                       Cardholder can play 30 min. after twilight for $20

                                    Discounted Lessons ($40 for 45 minute lesson)

Additional Cardholder - $100 (also receive 2 free rounds)

                       Pay for 10 months up front and receive 2 months free 


Tour Club Membership – Single Member $39 + Tax per month

                                             Two Members   $69 + Tax per month

                                             Family Package $99 + Tax per month      

            Benefits – Unlimited use of the practice facility; $20 Golf privileges beginning 30 minutes after the first official twilight time; 7 Day advanced booking. 

Membership Options

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